Universidad de Córdoba and Magtel join efforts to develop projects in the field of renewable energies and technology

The rector of the Universidad de Córdoba, Manuel Torralbo Rodríguez; the general manager of Magtel, Martín Salgado Devincenzi, and the president of Fundación Magtel, Auxiliadora López Magdaleno, have signed a collaboration agreement

Universidad de Córdoba (UCO) together with Magtel and Fundación Magtel have reached a collaboration agreement with the aim of developing projects related to renewable energy sources and new technologies. For this purpose, the University of Cordoba will place its centres, departments and teaching staff at the disposal of the organisation, as well as making available suitable spaces for the proper development of the initiatives.

Magtel will offer its facilities and infrastructures, as well as the human resources that are generally available in this type of collaboration.

The agreement includes the holding of meetings, conferences and congresses aimed at the exchange of information between specialists; the academic recognition of participation in them in accordance with UCO regulations; collaboration in research activities; preparation and training activities; joint internships; and dissemination of the activities of both institutions, among other actions.

During the signing ceremony, the rector of Universidad de Córdoba, Manuel Torralbo, high lighted that “Magtel has always been a strategic partner in knowledge transfer and innovation projects, and we are very pleased to be able to move forward in new lines of collaboration in such relevant areas as renewable energies and new technologies”.

For his part, the general manager of Magtel, Martín Salgado Devincenzi, pointed out that “this agreement reinforces the collaboration between university and company with the aim of strengthening the areas of research and innovation, which are fundamental for the strategic development of the company”. In this respect, he stated that “the synergies between the two institutions make a decisive contribution to increasing the productivity and competitiveness of the economy, which in turn improves the society to which they belong”.

Finally, the president of Magtel Foundation, Auxiliadora López Magdaleno, expressed that “this type of agreement reinforces the strategic lines in which the entity operates: social action, employability, social innovation and international cooperation“.

Fundación Magtel receives the “25th Anniversary Fundación Orange Award” for its collaboration and support in the digitalisation of the most vulnerable groups in Andalusia

Fundación Magtel has received recognition for its collaboration and support of the Foundation in the improvement of digital skills of the most vulnerable groups in Andalusia.

In particular, through its initiatives to generate, support and promote the employability of people at risk of social exclusion.

On the occasion of the celebration of its 25th anniversary, Fundación Orange also recognised, within this framework of celebration and synergies between third sector organisations, Fundación Ana Bella, for its commitment to helping abused women; and Fundación Don Bosco for its socio-educational projects for the socio-occupational integration of young people.

The president of Fundación Magtel, Auxiliadora López Magdaleno said that “it is an honour for us to be able to support this essential task which contributes to ensuring that no one gets left behind in the path of digitalisation, something which is the key for the present and the future”.

Auxiliadora López Magdaleno emphasised that, both the Board of Trustees of the Fundación Magtel and all those who work and form part of the team of this entity, “see this recognition as an impetus to move forward, with even more enthusiasm if possible”.

In addition, during the meeting, a round table discussion was held in which  experts debated the possible applications of technology to reduce the digital divide in the most vulnerable groups or those with greater communication difficulties.

The colloquium was attended, in addition to the director of Fundación Magtel, Adrián Fernández Cárdenas the operational director of the Fundación Ana Bella, María Gracia Prada the general director of Fundación Don Bosco and president of Escuelas de Segunda Oportunidad (E2O), Ignacio Fernández Cárdenas, Ignacio Vazquez and the General Director of Autismo SevillaMarcos Zamora.

25 years promoting initiatives

The Fundación Orange is celebrating 25 years of promoting the digital skills of people at risk of exclusion, joining forces with other entities in Andalusia to promote, in particular, initiatives aimed at young people with difficulties adapting to the traditional education system, women in vulnerable situations and those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Universidad Loyola and Magtel join forces to develop projects in the field of renewable energies and technology

The rector of Universidad Loyola, Gabriel Pérez; the general manager of Magtel, Martín Salgado Devincenzi, and the president of Fundación Magtel, Auxiliadora López Magdaleno, have signed a collaboration agreement

This agreement reinforces university-business collaboration in innovation and is in line with the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy of Magtel

The Universidad Loyola together with Magtel and Fundación Magtel have agreed on a framework for action in order to develop projects related to renewable energy sources and new technologies. To this end, Universidad Loyola will place its centres, departments and research staff at the disposal of the entity, and will even make available suitable spaces for the good development of the joint collaborations that are generated.

Likewise, through this agreement, Magtel will make its facilities and infrastructures available to Universidad Loyola, as well as its human resources for the development of the collaboration.

This collaboration will materialise, together with more specific actions through other agreements derived from this framework agreement, in the holding of meetings, conferences and congresses, collaboration in research activities in the field of renewable energies, dissemination of results, joint publication of publications, as well as training activities and internships for students.

During the ceremony in which this agreement was consolidated, the rector of Universidad Loyola, Gabriel Pérez Alcalá, emphasised that “with this collaboration with Magtel we consolidate and move forward on the path of establishing a network for the transfer of knowledge and R&D with the industrial and technological environment willing to add value to research in favour of improving the environment and the care of our common home, an aspect that is of particular concern to Loyola University“.

For his part, the CEO of Magtel, Martín Salgado Devincenzi, said that “with this new agreement between Loyola University and Magtel, we are deepening the collaboration between university and company, a collaboration that we want to strengthen because we consider it fundamental for the growth of the company in areas as important as research and innovation, which we are extending with this agreement, because innovation is part of Magtel’s DNA“. In this sense, he stated that “the role of universities, as centres of knowledge, and that of companies, as guarantors of development and social welfare, are totally complementary and collaboration between the two contributes decisively to increasing the productivity and competitiveness of the economy, which in turn improves the society to which they belong“.

He also assured that “with this new agreement, we want, therefore, to continue promoting Magtel’s growth and its leadership as an innovative company, through collaboration with an equally innovative university with a strong background in research, to jointly contribute its outcomes for the benefit of Andalusia and other areas where we operate“.

Finally, the president of Fundación Magtel, Auxiliadora López Magdaleno, said that “after ten years of activity in relation to social action, the signing of this agreement expands and reinforces the strategic lines in which we work: social action, employability, social innovation and international cooperation“, and expressed her conviction that “we will develop new tasks that will benefit the most disadvantaged and comply with the corporate social responsibility of our entity“.

Commitment to sustainable development

Universidad Loyola is developing numerous projects and research in the field of renewable energies. Through the Materials and Sustainability research group, projects are carried out in the field of CO2storage and valorisation, such as the design and preparation of materials with a high porosity suitable for CO2absorption, or research into the transformation of this molecule into products with high added value.

In addition, researchers at Universidad Loyola are working on the development of new and efficient catalytic routes capable of replacing current fossil fuel-based technologies, of which hydrogen production from renewable energies is one of them. In this sense, Loyola University collaborates with several companies and large projects financed by the Aeronautical Technology Plan Programme and the Science and Innovation Missions Programme of the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), such as Magtel itself , H2B2 or Protio Power SL, with which they are currently developing projects such as those known as “Ad-Grhid” and “H2APS” .

Likewise, Universidad Loyola has recently obtained funding for several projects in the latest call for applications of the State Research Agency for the ecological transition R&D programme, in fact the Fundación Magtel recently awarded the prize for Technological Innovation to the project entitled: “Rheology of Cohesive Granular Media in Thermochemical Storage Systems (GHEMA)”,carried out by the Universidad Loyola researcher Francisco José Durán Olivencia.

In addition, in the field of research and development, Magtel’s R&D&I Division  is leading new projects, such as the aforementioned “Ad-Grid” and “Sunrise PV”, which promotes the new generation of photovoltaic technologies to reduce energy costs through circularity strategies.

Fundación Magtel, present at the inauguration of the physical headquarters of the ‘Orange Digital Center’ in Madrid

Magtel’s FTTH technician, Francisco Javier Mateo, was at one of the stands of the facilities with one of the students of the fibre optic course given in collaboration with Fundación Orange

He gave a demonstration of FTTH installation to H.M. the King, who inaugurated this centre coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Fundación Orange

Fundación Magtel was present at the inauguration ceremony of the physical headquarters of the “Orange Digital Center carried out by Felipe VI. This is a free and open access technology centre specialising in digital skills for all citizens. These facilities have specialised training for vulnerable groups such as young people and women at risk of exclusion, or people with autistic spectrum disorders.

In addition to H.M. the King, the inauguration ceremony was presided over by the President of Orange Spain and President of the Fundación Orange in Spain, Gervais Pellissier and the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá together with other authorities and representatives of Fundación Orange beneficiary entities. Francisco Javier Mateo, fibre optic teacher at the Fundación Magtel, gave a demonstration of a FTTH installation to the delegation when they toured the facilities.

Fundación Magtel contributes to the generation of job opportunities among vulnerable groups or those at risk of social exclusion through training and internship programmes. Every year, the organisation runs free courses related to the telecommunications and renewable energy sectors, which currently have a high degree of employability. Over the last ten years, the institution has trained more than more than 890 people and at least four more programmes are planned for this year.

Together with Fundación Orange, training courses have been given on the installation of fibre optics to the home (FTTH), such as the one carried out at the  Centro de Formación de Oficios de Usera, in Madrid as well as those carried out in Linares, Almeria and Seville in previous editions.

Physical space for this project

Madrid is the first Spanish city to have a physical space to develop the educational project “Orange Digital Center”. It will be a meeting point for citizens who want to develop their digital skills, as well as for entrepreneurs and startups.

“Orange Digital Center” is an educational platform that seeks to make digital innovation accessible to groups such as young people, women, people with autism and entrepreneurs. It is oriented towards education and digital inclusion it aims to be a place to train the most vulnerable social groups in digital skills, as well as a meeting point for entrepreneurs, families and members of the educational community. The contents are articulated around four training itineraries (Responsible use of ICT, Digital Inclusion, Climate Change and Entrepreneurship).

AFA tackles the future of the Andalusian foundation sector at a new meeting in Malaga

The president of Fundación Magtel and secretary of the Board of Directors of the Andalusian Associations and Foundations, Auxiliadora López Magdaleno, took part in the meeting

The headquarters of the Fundación Palacio de Villalón in Malaga has hosted a new meeting of the Asociaciones y Fundaciones Andaluzas (AFA)the event included a breakfast conference entitled “10 reasons to prioritise fundraising”.

The president of the Spanish Fundraising AssociationGloria Oliver presented a decalogue of reasons to invest in fundraising for organisations.

The meeting also served to establish the actions to be carried out to commemorate 20 years of AFA as well as the approval of the new corporate image of the association.

The event began with a presentation by the director of the Palacio Villalón Museo Carmen Thyssen Foundation, Javier Ferrer and the director of AFA, Juan Luis Muñoz Escassi an closed with a speech by the president of AFA, Antonio Pulido. It was attended on behalf of the Fundación Magtel by its president and secretary of the Board of Directors of Asociaciones y Fundaciones AndaluzasAuxiliadora López Magdaleno.

Finally, a networking breakfast between the foundations and associations from Malaga was held, allowing new relationships to be forged. The AFA encourages this type of meeting because they believe that  collaboration is another way for organisations to obtain resources.

The call for applications is now open for grants for professional internships promoted by Fundación Magtel through its Introduction to the Professional Field Programme

The institution offers a unique opportunity for training, especially for young people without experience

Once again, the new call for applications for grants  for Fundación Magtel professional internships  has been opened with the aim of contributing to the labour insertion of recent graduates, especially young people without experience. The entity offers a unique opportunity through its Introduction to the Professional Field Programme.

To be eligible for one of the scholarships, participants must have obtained a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited institution after 31 December 2019. Students of technical engineering or higher who have passed all the subjects required to obtain the corresponding degree, with the exception of the final degree project, and students of intermediate and/or higher vocational training cycles who have passed all the theoretical subjects prior to their incorporation and have completed their internships in the company, may also apply for this programme.

The profiles must be in line with the characteristics required for the placements offered by the collaborating organisations, with which collaboration agreements will be signed beforehand.

Once selected, the participants will be placed during 2023 in different companies and institutions in order to apply the knowledge acquired during their training and learn how to function in the reality of a professional context.

Interested parties will be able to submit their applications throughout 2023.

The Royal Academy of Cordoba awards the Fundación Magtel a prize in the Exact, Physical, Chemical and Natural Sciences section

The president of the entity, Auxiliadora López Magdaleno, praised Magtel’s work in technological innovation and its commitment to sustainable development

The president of the Fundación Magtel, Auxiliadora López Magdaleno received an award from the Royal Academy of Cordoba in the category of Exact, Physical, Chemical and Natural Sciences for its continuous support in the field of technological innovation, always with sustainable development and environmental protection as a basic operating premise.

Magtel’s president of the entity expressed her gratitude for this recognition by an institution with such prestige and relevance in Cordoba, which is “a privilege for our Foundation“.

This is the first time that five prizes have been awarded, one for each of the sections of which this corporation is made up, as this is the first centenary of the creation of the Boletín de la Real Academia de Ciencias, Bellas Letras y Nobles Artes de Córdoba (Bulletin of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Fine Arts and Noble Arts of Cordoba).

The other prizes went to the Cathedral Chapter of Cordoba in the section of Moral and Political Sciences in the section of Historical Sciences, for the Provincial Association of Official Chroniclers of the province of Cordoba in the section of Fine Arts for the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters and, in the section of Noble Arts for the Contemporary Cordoba Artistic Movement.

The gala was attended by the president of the Royal Academy of Cordoba, José Casino and the acting secretary, Diego Medina.