Fundación Orange, Fundación Adecco and Fundación Magtel establish a collaboration agreement to develop training programmes for the installation of fibre optics to the home in Jaen, Granada and Malaga

The aim is to improve the employability of people at risk of social exclusion who have fewer opportunities to access the labour market

Fundación Orange, Fundación Adecco and Fundación  Magtel have established a collaboration agreement to promote access to the labour market for people at risk of social exclusion through the development of training programmes in the following areas installation of fibre optics to the home in Jaén, Granada and Málaga.

The signing ceremony for the project, held last Friday, was attended by the director of the Fundación Orange, Daniel Morales as well as the territorial director of Institutional Relations of Orange, Raúl Maldonado and the regional director of the Fundación Adecco, Miguel Ángel de Pedro and the director of Fundación Magtel, Adrián Fernández. Málaga City Council was represented by Juan Antonio Bermúdez from the Delegation of Innovation.

Specifically, the project aims to provide knowledge on  means of transmitting information; the distinction of the types of fibre optic cables and their characteristics; the execution of the installation and configuration of the elements and equipment that make up an FTTH installation, as well as the verification of compliance with the  established quality criteria.

The courses will have a total duration of 285 hours with an initial theoretical phase of 185 hours in a Classroom Workshop and a module of non-labour professional practices of 100 hours in companies in the sector.

Currently, the telecommunications sector has a  high level of labour insertion due to the high demand for professionals in this field. In this sense, the director of the Fundación Orange, Daniel Morales, has indicated that “for the Fundación Orange it is essential to make technology a tool for inclusion at the service of those who need it most”.

Commitment to labour-market insertion

He also added that “the collaboration with Fundación Magtel consolidates the alliance between our two entities, both committed to the employment of unemployed people through the development of training actions in the fibre optic sector” and emphasised that “the young people who join these training courses acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for the performance of a profession that is in high demand and has real possibilities of finding employment” high demand profession and with real possibilities of insertion in the labour market“.

For his part, the regional director of the Fundación Adecco in Eastern Andalusia, Miguel Ángel de Pedro, commented that “in a competitive and ever-changing labour market, it is essential to focus on the training of those who have the hardest time in the labour market training for those people who find it most difficult so that they are not left behind and can find sustainable employment over time”. Furthermore, he added that “through this collaboration we make this premise reality, bringing people at risk of exclusion closer to a sector as important and dynamic as that of telecommunications“.

Finally, the director of Fundación Magtel, Adrián Fernández, emphasised that “the qualification and professional insertion programmes in the fibre optic sector that we have been developing for the last 10 years demonstrate  Fundación Magtel’s commitment to unemployed people“.

He also acknowledged that “the Fundación Orange is a magnificent travelling companion on this journey, which has also been joined by the Fundación Adecco, as the three organisations have common goals to achieve the participants’ employability.

With regard to employability, Adrián Fernández said that “the people trained in this project have a high probability of finding a job in the telecommunications sector”.