The Royal Academy of Cordoba awards the Fundación Magtel a prize in the Exact, Physical, Chemical and Natural Sciences section

The president of the entity, Auxiliadora López Magdaleno, praised Magtel’s work in technological innovation and its commitment to sustainable development

The president of the Fundación Magtel, Auxiliadora López Magdaleno received an award from the Royal Academy of Cordoba in the category of Exact, Physical, Chemical and Natural Sciences for its continuous support in the field of technological innovation, always with sustainable development and environmental protection as a basic operating premise.

Magtel’s president of the entity expressed her gratitude for this recognition by an institution with such prestige and relevance in Cordoba, which is “a privilege for our Foundation“.

This is the first time that five prizes have been awarded, one for each of the sections of which this corporation is made up, as this is the first centenary of the creation of the Boletín de la Real Academia de Ciencias, Bellas Letras y Nobles Artes de Córdoba (Bulletin of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Fine Arts and Noble Arts of Cordoba).

The other prizes went to the Cathedral Chapter of Cordoba in the section of Moral and Political Sciences in the section of Historical Sciences, for the Provincial Association of Official Chroniclers of the province of Cordoba in the section of Fine Arts for the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters and, in the section of Noble Arts for the Contemporary Cordoba Artistic Movement.

The gala was attended by the president of the Royal Academy of Cordoba, José Casino and the acting secretary, Diego Medina.