Fundación Magtel brings digitalisation and the functioning of new technologies closer to vulnerable groups in the Canary Islands

The training sessions will be held at the Centro Internacional Politécnico and will run until next March

The new training programme “Specialised training for people with disabilities in the field of new technologies” promoted by the Fundación Magtel, has started at the facilities of the Centro Internacional Politécnico of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

One of the new features compared to previous courses on digital literacy is the donation of three projectors by Fundación Magtel, enabling three organisations with people with functional diversity to follow part of the programme.

This type of training promotes access to and use of new technologies for certain groups with functional diversity, whose limitations in relation to digitalisation are considerable. For this reason, both entities have forged closer ties that will allow them to implement training itineraries with the aim of reducing the existing digital divide.

At the moment, a total of 15 students have started the free course which will run until next March. It is made up of a 32-hour face-to-face part and a 48-hour online part, divided into three thematic blocks.

The first refers to the basic operation of the computer and its equipment, the use of email and videoconferencing the second block contains topics related to the  the use of the DNI 3.0 and the digital certificate, the introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as the use of work tools such as PowerPoint and virtual assistants, among other subjects among other subjects.

Finally, basic content will be provided on cybersecurity and the use of smartphones.