Magtel employees collect food and toys for the most vulnerable people cared for by different organisations

Magtel has participated in the traditional Christmas solidarity campaign whose main objective is to help the most vulnerable families to celebrate Christmas, at a time of economic difficulty, in general. The initiative was carried out during the first two weeks of December.

Specifically, the total amount collected through contributions from Magtel workers amounts to 160 kilos of non-perishable foodstuffs such as vegetables, pasta, milk and oil, and 120 new toys. The company used its facilities in Cordoba, Seville and Malaga as warehouses to collect all the products, were subsequently delivered to the different organisations in charge of distributing the food and new toys. Each branch delivers the material to a different social organisation.

Like every year, Fundación Magtel has contributed to increasing the amount of food and toys collected, broadening the scope of the initiative to help a greater number of families.

In this sense, the entity has thanked the employees participating in the campaign for their involvement, which is part of their Social Action Programme for the promotion of solidarity and cooperation among all the company’s professionals.