The second phase of the ‘Red Social Innovación’ initiative in which Fundación Magtel collaborates with Fundación Tecsos begins

The aim is to increase the reach of the web platform to generate greater impact in the field of social innovation

The Training Area of Fundación Magtel in direct collaboration with Fundación Tecnologías Sociales-Tecsos, is addressing the second phase of the project “Red Social Innovación” whose objective is to increase the visibility and impact of the of the website, which began to be developed last year.

In particular, work is underway to search for new external partners and the initiatives of the Cruz Roja Española. In addition, in the short term, we want to develop an Instagram profile in order to be able to disseminate all the initiatives that are uploaded to the platform.

“Red Social Innovación” encompasses three main blocks. Firstly, “Identification and selection of innovative initiatives at international level” secondly, “Searching for new ways of financial sustainability to boost the project”; and finally, “Increasing outreach in relation to new virtual spaces of national and international participation in which to actively take part”.

The initiative was launched in 2021 with the aim of testing, scaling and promoting the social innovations created and developed within Cruz Roja y Medialuna Roja movements as well as those produced by public and private actors in the innovation sector. Today, our aim is to generate sustainability in terms of technical and economic stabilisation of the project.

Since the creation of Fundación Magtel, networking between social entities has been promoted with the aim of achieving social and technological improvements. The entity collaborates by fostering the opportunities to reach new representative European actors in the field of employability and social innovation.

The project is part of the “Forma y Contrata 2022” call for proposals promoted by the  Instituto Municipal de Desarrollo Económico y Empleo de Córdoba (Imdeec)