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We are a non-profit organization that was founded in 2012 with the goal of creating, supporting and promoting initiatives aimed at building a better and more equal society in Spain and abroad. Our operations span from our Córdoba headquarters in Spain to countries such as Peru and Morocco.

We form part of the Spanish Foundations Registry and of the Governing Board of the Andalusia Foundations Association.

Our work and structure are defined according to Law 50/2002 on Foundations, and our operations are backed by the drive and commitment towards creating value for society.

We support initiatives for developing and improving the quality of life of people and our surroundings through actions aimed at social and occupational integration, social and technological innovation, and social action initiatives. Sustainable development and environmental protection are always the basis of our efforts.

For our commitment and the innovative focus of our projects to contribute towards building a more fair and equal society, and to enable sustainable and balanced development.

Change: To help transform the regions where we are present through opportunities that improve quality of life.

Cooperation: To create and maintain alliances with the agents of our surroundings, and to promote partnerships that will have a positive impact on society.

Innovation: To apply the extensive knowledge and experience in R&D&i so as to propose and improve solutions adapted to the needs of underprivileged collectives.

Sustainability: To promote sustainable growth inside our organization and beyond.

How we operate

Social innovation

We continuously work with Magtel’s R&D&i division in order to apply their knowledge and experience towards improving the quality of life of people with disabilities and dependents


We use educational and hands-on training programs to create job opportunities for vulnerable groups or people at risk of experiencing social exclusion

Social action initiatives

We encourage the creation of an equal and committed society by promoting solidarity and social interest activities.

International cooperation

We work on initiatives that help develop and improve living conditions in developing regions.

Our organization

Board of trustees

Auxiliadora López Magdaleno

Juan Luis López Magdaleno

Antonio López Magdaleno
Isidro López Magdaleno
José Carlos López Magdaleno
Mario López Magdaleno


Our team is made up of multidisciplinary profiles who share a common purpose: to build a better society.

We combine our knowledge and experience with our unwavering social commitment to create value and successfully carry out our initiatives.

This goal is shared by the entire team at the Magtel Foundation. Under the presidency of Auxiliadora López Magdaleno and the direction of Adrián Fernández Cárdenas, we work hard to improve the quality of life of the people in our surroundings and to continuously expand the scope of our impact.


About us

Magtel is a spanish technology company that has been applying innovative solutions to the design, construction and maintenance of projects in the energy, environmental, infrastructure, telecommunications, mining and railway sectors since 1990

Throughout its history, it has developed a model to create value for clients and society according to three basic operating principles: a focus on technological innovation, a commitment to sustainable growth and ongoing employee training.

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