The Magtel Foundation develops digital transformation project for social centres

Carried out in collaboration with the Municipal Institute for Economic Development and Employment of Cordoba (Imdeec)

A young university graduate registered with the SAE (Andalusian Employment Service) with no prior employment has been recruited

Last December, the Magtel Foundation began the second phase of its “Digital transformation of recruitment processes in social centres” project. The project’s objective was to simplify the recruitment processes in social centres by implementing digital transformation. This programme ran for six months and ended on 31 May.

The first phase, carried out between December 2019 and April 2020, consisted of a study of the jobs, analysing the skills required according to the most sought-after professional profiles in social centres.

This second phase, which has received funding from Imdeec-Esal covering 69.7% of the project’s cost, resulted in the hiring of a young university student with no previous formal employment. The student was registered in the city of Cordoba and had signed up as a job seeker with the SAE. The Magtel Foundation contributed its own funds to cover the remaining 30.21% of the programme’s cost. Its objectives include the social transformation of social centres and the promotion of social and labour inclusion for young people, particularly those who struggle to find their first job and gain their first formal experience of the working world related to their university qualification.

This initiative has boosted productive sectors in the municipal district of Cordoba, as well as the inclusion of new technologies within management processes of social centres and institutions.