Fibre optic home installer training courses completed in Almeria and Linares

Both programmes, delivered by the Magtel Foundation and led by the Fundación Secretariado Gitano and the Orange Foundation, have both been completed after three months of learning

These courses are increasing the amount of vulnerable people entering the labour market

The Magtel Foundation, alongside the Fundación Secretariado Gitano (Gypsy Secretariat Foundation) and the Orange Foundation, has completed the fibre optic home installer training course in Almeria. After three months of theoretical and practical learning, the course has been completed and the closing event celebration has been held at the Social Integration centre “Los Almendros”.

The event was presented by Maria Dolores Ramon Alonso, the Provincial Coordinator of the Fundación Secretariado Gitano. This was followed by a speech from Raul Maldonado Blanes, the Regional Director of Andalusia and Extremadura’s Institutional Relations at the Orange Foundation. Magtel’s Javier Vílchez, director of education, and Carlos Luque, manager of the training programme, were both in attendance.

Next, FSG-Almeria’s employment prospector Ana Martinez Angulo, accompanied by two participants of the training course, closed the speeches. Finally, the diplomas were awarded.

Incorporation into the labour market

Each training course run by the Magtel Foundation sees an increase in the numbers of people in vulnerable situations entering the labour market. We are also training professionals in a sector where demand far exceeds supply.

In addition to the training programme developed in Almeria, similar training programmes have been held in different locations across the country. One such example is Linares’ FTTH course, which is scheduled to be completed this week.

Participants have had the opportunity to both learn the theory (185 hours) and take part in work experience (100 hours). The theory was learnt in the classroom-workshop and consisted of content related to the configuration of installations, network equipment, and being able to carry out tests, measurements, soldering and simulations of installations. Following this training, they began work-experience with companies in the sector alongside a professional installer.