The Employment Agency of Madrid, the Orange Foundation and the Magtel Foundation promote access to the labour market through specialised courses in the installation of telecommunications networks

This initiative consolidates the collaboration between these organisations in the development of fibre optic training and achieves high levels of labour insertion

The Trade Training Centre in Usera, under the Madrid City Council, has hosted the presentation of diplomas to students participating in the two editions of the “Fibre Optic Installer” course, an initiative promoted by the Madrid Employment Agency and the Orange Foundation. This programme facilitates the incorporation of unemployed people into the labour market, particularly in innovative sectors such as telecommunications due to the existing demand for professionals specialised in the installation of new networks.

The event coincided with the completion of the programme’s theoretical training and was chaired by the representative of the Department of Economy, Innovation and Employment, Miguel Angel Redondo. He was accompanied by the director general of the Employment Agency, José Maria Meneses Castillo, the manager of the Orange Foundation’s Education Programmes, Angelica Bautista Gris, and the Magtel Foundation’s project manager, Javier Vilchez Luna.

All of them congratulated those who participated in this theoretical and practical training programme, which is comprised of a total of 285 training hours. This will give them the knowledge and skills they need to access a profession with high demand and tangible job prospects.

The course is comprised of 185 hours of theoretical learning in the classroom-workshop, where students study content relating to the configuration of installations, network equipment, etc., as well as how to carry out tests, measurements, soldering and installation simulations both inside and outside the classroom.

Once this stage is completed, it is followed by a practical stage, which starts now, consisting of 100 additional hours of work experience with the Magtel installation company in collaboration with the telecommunications operator Orange. This work experience gives course participants the first-hand experience they need to acquire and develop the professional skills required to make a career out of fibre optic installation.

The training is accompanied by complementary efforts aimed at promoting the development of key skills that facilitate labour insertion, such as the Employment Agency of Madrid’s guidance and intermediation services.

This new course strengthens the collaboration between the Employment Agency of Madrid City Council and the Orange Foundation on the development of training activities in the fibre optic sector. The course has achieved high levels of labour insertion and participant satisfaction is high.

Press release from the Orange Foundation