The Magtel Foundation partners with the 1st “José de la Torre y Cerro” Award for Historical Research

Backed by the School of Philosophy and Humanities at the University of Córdoba and the “Córdoba, Global City” Chair, this competition honors the best research project on the relations between Ibero-America and Córdoba

The Magtel Foundation has helped launch the 1st “José de la Torre y Cerro” Award for Historical Research, an initiative backed by the School of Philosophy and Humanities at the University of Córdoba and the “Córdoba, Global City” Chair, coinciding with the 60th anniversary of the renowned historian’s death. The award falls within the “Conexión Córdoba” program that promotes research and knowledge of the historical connections between Córdoba and America

Adrián Fernández and Luis Palacios, the Magtel Foundation’s Director and Cultural Manager, respectively, participated in the awards ceremony alongside Enrique Quesada, Vice-Rector of Innovation and Regional Development at the University of Córdoba; Ricardo Córdoba, Dean of the School of Philosophy and Humanities; and Eulalio Fernández Sánchez, Director of the “Córdoba, Global City” Chair.

The competition is open to anyone enrolled at a research center or university in Spain and America, between April 1 and August 31, 2019, with a €1,200 prize for the best unpublished study on the historical, social, economic and educational relationships between American nations and the city of Córdoba. Submissions will be judged by a panel according to their quality and coherence, bibliographical references and connection with inclusive schools of thought on miscegenation

The competition’s rules and information on the submission process are available here.

José de la Torre y Cerro

For many years, José de la Torre y Cerro was the official chronicler for the Córdoba province. He studied the life of the city’s distinguished residents, particularly those involved in the relationship between Córdoba and America, and his work stands out for its ability to convey the importance of what miscegenation represents today. He also headed Córdoba institutions such as the Archive of the Tax Administration Office, the Córdoba Archeology Museum, the Provincial Public Library of Córdoba and the Provincial Historical Archive of Córdoba.