The Don Bosco Foundation honors the Magtel Foundation’s efforts in the area of social and occupational integration

  • The entity’s work has been showcased along with that of three organizations located in Córdoba or with a presence in the province

The Magtel Foundation has received an award from the Don Bosco Foundation to honor its efforts in the area of social and occupational integration for people at risk of social exclusion or vulnerable groups. The entity picked up the award at an event organized by the Don Bosco Foundation at Victoria Market in Córdoba, under the “Segunda Cita+Solidaridad” theme.

In addition to the Magtel Foundation, the organization also honored the work of CarrefourClece and the Victoria Market. At the awards ceremony, Ignacio Vázquez, Director of the Don Bosco Foundation, stated that “with their commitment, these companies play an active role in addressing the challenges we face as a society.”

The event, which donated the profits from refreshment sales along with unused resources, was attended by government representatives, a number of political groups and Córdoba’s business network.