The Magtel Foundation installs its Terapiam system at Aprofis with the support of the Cajasur Foundation

  • The platform, developed alongside Magtel’s R&D&i division, uses augmented reality techniques for the rehabilitation of people with motor disorders

The Magtel Foundation has implemented a Terapiam system at the Aprofis Nuevos Pasos facility, an association that works to integrate Montalbán (Córdoba) residents who have physical and psychological disorders. The platform, aimed at improving the physical conditionpersonal autonomy and cognitive stimulation of people with motor disorders, has been installed at the association’s headquarters thanks to financial assistance from the Cajasur Foundation.

Terapiam is a system developed by the Magtel Foundation and Magtel’s R&D&i division to help people relearn balance and how to walk when, for biomechanical or neurophysiological reasons, they lack full physical autonomy to remain upright. Its main purpose is to simulate physical therapy sessions in an interactive context created using augmented reality techniques.

Designed for minors and adults with physical and intellectual functional diversity, the device features interactive games based on virtual reality to perform motor and cognitive exercises, as well as a tool to assist with therapy. It also targets stimuli and visual self-control, and fosters short- and medium-term motivation.

The partnership between the entities involved was announced at the Aprofis headquarters during an event attended by Miguel Ruz, Mayor of MontalbánJuan Miguel Luque, Director of the Social Innovation and Aid Program at the Cajasur Foundation; and Adrián Fernández, Director of the Magtel Foundation.