The Alliance for an Inclusive Energy Transition adds Fundación Magtel as a new associate member

The initiative develops solutions to the labour and social problems of vulnerable groups

Fundación Magtel has joined the Alliance for an Inclusive Energy Transition promoted by  Fundación Repsol and Fundación Santa María la Real through its Employment and Social Inclusion Area. It is the first multi-agent network that is committed to the energy transition as an opportunity to develop solutions to the employment and social problems of vulnerable groups.

To this end, the Alliance plans to develop a range of employment and training programmes to boost employability. In addition to Fundación Magtel, the rest of the members can access the results of these experimental programmes in order to carry out other training actions.

The participants, who come from more than 70 entities, maintain a social approach as a value proposition for the training and updating of professionals in the context of the energy transition.

The Alliance for an Inclusive Energy Transition also consists of an important network of allies and key actors who pool their resources to achieve common goals, improving the pattern of action and creating synergies.