Fundación Magtel has established an agreement with the Osuna City Council and Roxu Grupo to develop training actions to generate employment in the renewable energy and telecommunications sectors

Its goal is to improve the employability of unemployed people in order to enable them to enter the labour market

The director of Fundación Magtel, Adrián Fernández the Mayor of Osuna, Rosario Andújar and the representative of the European School of Machinery Roxu GrupoManuel Altaba have signed a collaboration agreement to set up a series of training actions aimed at training unemployed people unemployed people in the sectors of renewable energies and telecommunications.

Fernández described this agreement as “a complete success, because initiatives are going to be implemented that will improve the professional training of citizens to put them at the service of companies and thus offer them an  opportunity in the labour market“.

In this sense, he advanced that “the training that is being proposed on a three-way basis is aimed at  quality training so that the residents of Osuna and the region have sustainable job opportunities over time”.

On the other hand, the representative of the European School of Machinery – Roxu Grupo has stated that “in the policy of expansion in Andalusia of all our activities we have found in Osuna an incomparable framework to develop this quality and very specific training and to open the training framework in this area, because the vocational training is, in short, the economic engine of a region.”

For her part, the Mayor of Osuna highlighted the solvency of an international company such as Roxu Grupo, which requires qualified personnel, and continued her speech by pointing out that this specific training is completed with the Fundación Magtel, “which in turn also needs people trained in these matters to be immediately incorporated  into the projects they want to develop throughout Spain”.

Rosario Andújar closed her speech by pointing out that the objective of this agreement is none other than the generation of employment aimed at a rapid incorporation into the labour market.