The Magtel Foundation recognises the solidarity work of thirty social organisations

The president of the Magtel Foundation, Auxiliadora López Magdaleno, thanks these associations for their work and highlights the important role of volunteers, particularly those involved with the ‘500 Solidarios’ campaign, which the Foundation has funded for more than 72,000 euros.

The Magtel Foundation has acknowledged the solidarity work of thirty social organisations that have played a pivotal role in the fight against poverty and social exclusion. The event took place in the main hall of the University of Cordoba’s rectory building.

The event, titled “Gracias por Estar” [Thanks for Being There], showcased the work carried out since the 500 Solidarios campaign was launched back in April 2020. It came about as a result of the Foundation’s reorganisation of its social action programmes in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With this initiative, the Foundation has not only worked to address the health emergency by providing resources but given the impact of the pandemic, it has also addressed a social emergency in the broadest sense of the term.

The initiative saw the creation of a structured system for the donation and delivery of food and essentials to social organisations who provide direct assistance to people at risk of exclusion. More than 72,000 euros has been allocated to the campaign so far.

Partnership activity during the pandemic

The President of the Foundation, Auxiliadora López Magdaleno, has highlighted the need to recognise these organisations for their efforts during the pandemic, and thanked them “for all [their] work, which has been vital for so many people in these difficult times”.

In the same vein, highlighted the essential role of volunteers and recalled how the 500 Solidarios campaign began in uncertain times. “This initiative has gone from strength to strength as a result of the collaboration of all the organisations we want to thank today.”

Her speech was followed by several discussions moderated by journalist Marta Jiménez, who hosted the event. The first was focussed on the role of the organisations and included appearances from Carlos Eslava from Food Bank, and Sara Rodriguez from Fepamic.

The second was dedicated to volunteering and featured Carmen Quero from Caritas, Jose Maria Lopez from Obra Social Hermano Bonifacio del Hospital San Juan de Dios and Antonia Palacios from Magtel. Finally, representing all recognised organisations, Eduardo García from Fundación Prolibertas made an appearance.

Recognised organisations:

*Asociación Banco de Alimentos Medina Azahara de Cordoba [Medina Azahara Food Bank Association of Cordoba]

*Asociación Córdoba Acoge

*Asociación de Padres de Autistas de Córdoba y otros Trastornos Generalizados del Desarrollo (Autismo Córdoba) [The Cordoba Association of Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other Generalised Development Disorders]

*Asociación Iemakaie

*Asociación Obra Social Nur [Nur Welfare Association]

*Asociación para la Defensa de la Vida (Adevida) [Association for the Defence of Life]

*Asociación Párkinson de Córdoba (Aparcor) [Parkinson’s Association of Cordoba]

*Asociación Resurgir de Córdoba [Cordoba Resurgence Association]

*Asociación San Rafael de Alzheimer y otras Demencias (Alzheimer Córdoba) [San Rafael Association of Alzheimer’s and other Dementias]

*Asociación Vecinal Unión y Esperanza Las Palmeras [Las Palmeras Unity and Hope Neighbourhood Association]

*Caritas Diocesana de Córdoba

*Centro de Servicio Caritativo Buenas Noticias

*Comunidad Adoratrices Córdoba (Fuente de vida project)

*Spanish Red Cross (Cordoba)

*City Council of Posadas


*Centro Español de Solidaridad Foundation (Hombre Córdoba project)

*Cruz Blanca Foundation

*Diocesana de Enseñanza Santos Mártires de Córdoba Foundation

*Fundación Prolibertas (Los Trinitarios Soup Kitchen)

*Red de Apoyo a la Integración Sociolaboral Foundation (RAIS) Hogar Sí

*Hermanos Franciscanos de Cruz Blanca (Casa Familiar San Francisco de Asís Córdoba)

*San Juan de Dios Hospital in Córdoba – Hermano Bonifacio Obra Social

*ONGD Mujeres en Zona de Conflicto (MZC) [Women in Conflict Zones NGDO]

*Parish of San Salvador y Santo Domingo de Silos (La Compañía)

*Parish of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción

*Parish of Santa María de las Flores (Posadas)

*Parish of Virgen de Fátima

*Parish of Santa Luisa de Marillac

*Parish of Las Santas Margaritas

*Parish of Santa Victoria